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What does HMU mean in Text messages? HMU definition – HMU meaning

In a world largely dominated by mobile phones and instant messaging, it has become extremely difficult to keep up with all the new slangs and abbreviations the new generation comes up with. In this post, we’ll try to understand what does ‘hmu’ mean.

‘HMU’ is one of the many new slangs invented by the text messaging community of the internet. The new generation, often called millennials, are quite used to this term. But for the old folks, it becomes very hard to keep up with this term.

What Does HMU Mean?

HMU means ‘Hit me up’. While there may be other interpretations of ‘hmu’, when it comes to text messages, the most common and surest meaning of ‘hmu’ is ‘hit me up’.

HMU meaning = Hit me up.

Uses and explanation of HMU

While the literal meaning of HMU, as stated above, is ‘hit me up’, it is used in quite a number of ways. The young generation (millennials) immediately get it — they just get the meaning of it — but it can be quite confusing for those not adept to having this type of text conversations to fully comprehend the actual meaning and intention of the term.

meaning of hmu

We’ll try to explain the uses and meaning of ‘hmu’ using examples given below:

The most basic explanation of ‘hmu’ or ‘hit me up’ is requesting someone to call or text him/her. For instance, ‘hmu when you’re free’ would mean ‘Call or text me when you’re free’.

HMU is more an immediate call to action than a prolonged request. ‘Give me a call, shoot me a text message’ as soon as you get the chance.

That said, here are some basic examples:

1. I’m bored, hmu.

In the sentence above, hmu (hit me up) can be translated as ‘asking someone for an invitation to do something with him/her.’

The whole sentence may be interpreted as: ‘I have nothing to do, let’s do something together’. Or ‘I am bored, invite me to do something with you’.

2. Hey, you should hmu sometime.

Here, the speaker is asking his friend to hit him up sometime, meaning, they should hang out sometime and that the friend should call or text him.

3. I’m so bored. Will somebody hmu?

In this case, the person is calling out to no one in particular, but requesting anyone to hit him up with something – a call, a text message, etc. This type of sentence is often used in forums or FB statuses. When someone reads this, he/she might send a meme, a funny video, a cat pic to kill the requester’s boredom. It doesn’t necessarily mean calling or chatting. It could also mean a general request, but requiring an immediate response, as demonstrated in this example.

It is said that in 2010, over 1600 Facebook status updates contained the term ‘hmu’.

4. I’ve got free tickets to the concert, hmu.

The man’s got free tickets and anyone interested may text or call him up.

Other Meanings of HMU

HMU has also been used, as a joke, to mean a lot of different things as explained below.

Hold my umbrella

Example: Girl: It’s raining. Boy: Bitch! HMU.

Hold my utensil

Example: Yo, Dave, hmu while I feed the dog.

Hump my uterus

Example: I’m bored baby, do you wanna hmu?

There are countless examples like the ones above that are spin-offs of the original HMU. But HMU simply means ‘hit me up’.