75 Funny Faces – Create Your Own Funny Faces

For some reason, the sight of funny faces, especially those of people that we know always make for a good laugh. Also, you’d often observe some very funny faces in everyday objects, unintentionally placed by some supernatural being or man.

There is a phenomenon called Pareidolia which is psychological in nature. This phenomenon involves observing familiar patterns where none exists.

funny faces

While your mind perceives an image of a face in the picture above, you’d notice that it is not.

Pareidolia accounts for many perceived funny faces in everyday objects; some of these have been posted in the later part of this post.

You cannot obviously mimic this phenomenon. But you definitely can create funny faces of your own — by literally making funny faces and also by the use of technology.

In this post, we’ll show you many different and varied funny faces that you can mimic. We’ll also show you how you can create a funny face out of your normal photo using apps and, of course, photoshop.

Common Funny Faces You Can Mimic

Children make the best funny faces. In this section, we’ll take you through a series of funny faces that children make for the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Actor Jude Law, who was a guest in the show, and Jimmy Fallon mimics these faces of children. Take a look.

children funny faces

This one’s pretty easy. To get the desired effect on the eyes, all you have to do is concentrate on a particular spot between your eyes.


This one’s kind of creepy, and pretty easy to mimic.


This little girl does a good Miley Cyrus impersonation. I mean, look at the tongue. If you want to see a funny face, you can always look at Miley Cyrus.


Yep. This one.


Let’s call this face the puke face. Pretend like you’re about to puke and you’ll get it just right.


I don’t even know what this face is. But I’m sure I have a lot of memes for this.

Making funny faces with your face is easy, and there are no limits to what you can do with your face.

Making Funny Faces with Morph Tools & Photoshop

The best funny faces are observed in manipulated photos. Take the face of Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) and paste it over somebody else’s face, you have a masterpiece right there.


Like I said, a masterpiece. Even the one below.


You don’t need to be a Photoshop expert to create this kind of effect. In fact, there are many photo edit tools that you can use to create this type of funny faces.

To morph two faces in one photo, there are several online tools.

  • MorphThing.com — this online application lets you morph two faces in one photo. You can upload your photos to the app.
  • FaceonFace.net — this is also an online application that lets you upload your photos and morph into one photo. You can also choose from a list of celebrities to morph your face into.

But to get the really funny elements, photo manipulating tools, especially photoshop is necessary.

Say hello to Will Smith.


Although you don’t require pro skills to create this effects, you do need basic knowledge of Photoshop. But worry not, there are more applications to do this.


Making Funny Faces with Apps

There are all sorts of apps to create funny faces. Some of these apps come in the form of photo editing tools, while some come in the form of camera apps. There are all sorts of effects in these cameras that let you create funny faces.

For instance, if you have a mac, open your Photo Booth app. Go to Effects. You’ll see a whole bunch of effects that let you create funny faces. Here are some examples from my macbook.


These effects are pre-installed on the Photo Booth app of all Macs, so this should be very easy for anyone who owns a mac.

If you do not own a mac, you can always install camera apps that allow you to create funny faces on your phone. Here’s a list of some of the best camera apps with pre-installed funny face effects:

  • LOL Booth (iOS) — This app is available on the App Store. LOL Booth is a camera app with over 30 mutations and 30 effects to create funny faces. You can also import photos from your Camera Roll and create funny effects using the app.


    To download and install LOL Booth for iOS, go to the App Store and search for LOL Booth. The app is created by Electric French Fries. It can be used in both iPhones and iPads.

  • Funny Face Effects (Android) — Funny Face Effects created by Swiss Codemonkeys for Android lets you create many face effects ranging from fat, ugly, bald to stretches and distortions. It also allows you to import pre-existing photos from your gallery and social networks such as Facebook.


    Download the app from the Google Play Store.

  • Ugly Camera (Android) — Ugly Camera not only allows you to take ugly selfies of yourself, but it also allows you to create ugly videos of yourself. Some effects include distortions, stretches, etc. There are live filters to so you can take distorted pictures of yourself.

This is not all. There are hundreds of apps that let you capture live funny faces of yourself and your friends.